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"Oceanside Sunrise"

a poem by Kaylin Lemajeur,
Director of Research & Written Expression

To welcome 2023, Water& features an original poem that offers an opportunity to reflect and honor Water.


A cerulean seascape wakes
to a rising sun,
who sings a sweet good morning
to waves of layered blue.

Sherbet sun rays
drip onto cartwheeling waves
that settle into sand handshakes ashore.

The salt-sprayed coast stretches
into a bending horizon --
an embrace of the ascending sun.

Breezes from the East unleash
a harmony spun fresh
from the beaks of shorebirds,
coalescing into a call of home. 

We are in the morning of our year.
An invitation for reacquaintance,
to rejoice again in the rhythm
of the rising tide.

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