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We are thrilled to unveil our first Water& painting done by our very own Artistic Director, Aubree Frost. 

Artist's Statement

by: Water& Artistic Director, Aubree Frost
This pointillism project is a statistical statement illustrating the dire circumstances people face in their access to Water security. Each dot signifies 400,000 people struggling with this access, there are 500 dots amounting to a cumulative 2 billion people. The use of dots mimics not only the shape of the earth but also the cycle of life that Water is at the center of. Placed over an image of a turbulent ocean, the piece draws the audience inward and ignites curiosity about Water, her rights, and her integral role in our world. As an organization Water& understands the power of art and the conversations that art can bring. We are united held afloat by Water and can only mitigate her troubles through this unity. The people that the dots represent are real, and their struggles are real. We as an audience are privileged in that we can stand back and see only a painting but I employ you to see the whole painting, the beauty in Water, and what it empirically symbolizes.
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