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  • Kaylin Lemajeur

An Anthology on Water & Social Justice

Water&’s Top Picks for Poetry

From Natalie Diaz’s Collection Postcolonial Love Poem

  • “The First Water is the Body”

  • “How the Milky Way Was Made”

  • exhibits from The American Water Museum”

“The water we drink, like the air we breathe, is not a part of our body but is our body. What we do to one—to the body, to the water—we do to the other.” ; “If I say, My river is disappearing, do I also mean, My people are disappearing?” - Natalie Diaz, “The First Water is the Body”

From New Poets of Native Nations edited by Heid E. Erdrich

  • “38” by Layli Long Soldier

  • “From Nature Poem” by Tommy Picco

  • “When It Rains It Pours” by Julian Talamantez Brolaski

  • “Hinterlands” by Sy Hoahwah

  • “(First Trimester)” by Craig Santos Perez

  • “(Papa and Wakea)” by Craig Santos Perez

  • “How Soon” by Gordon Henry, Jr.

From the poet Demian DineYazhi on the platform Literary Hub

  • “Water is Life: A Poem for the Standing Rock”

“Water is medicine / a continual ceremony / it brings people together / colonizers can’t seem to grasp this / reality” ; “indigenous resistance is ceremony” - Demian DineYazhi, “Water is Life: A Poem for the Standing Rock”

From Nikki Giovanni’s Collection Re: Creation

  • “Walking Down Park”

From the platform AAA Native Arts sourced from Ojibwe Oral Tradition

  • “Ojibwa Poem: Nibi (Water)”

“Anishinaabekwe, the Daughters, , You are the keepers of the water” ; “I am the wombs cradle / I purify” ; “Now hear my sorrow and my pain / in the river’s rush, the rain” - Ojibwe Oral Tradition, “Ojibwa Poem: Nibi (Water)”

From Emily Dickinson’s Collection Time & Eternity

  • “Water, Is Taught by Thirst”

From Ursula K. Le Guin’s Collection Hard Words and Other Poems

  • “Smith Creek”

  • “Coast”

From the poet Robert Trezise Jr. on the platform Poetry Soup

  • “City Water”

  • “Torch Lake- Passing on the Torch”

  • “Torch Lake- No More troubles”

  • “Torch Lake IV- Deceitful Sunrise”

From John Straley’s collection The Rising and the Rain

  • “tennakee springs: september 2001”

  • “the rising and the rain”

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