• Kendall Kalustyan

Water& Endorses Michigan Groundwater Package Senate Bills 676 and 677

MICHIGAN Senate Bills 676 and 677 seeks to establish environmental protections for groundwater and civil fines when terms are violated. SB 676 outlines remedial action for previously unregulated hazardous substances, while 676 outlines the civil procedures and statutes of limitations for these remedial actions. The package is sponsored by Sen. Winnie Brinks (D) from MI District 29. The bills were introduced on October 6, 2021, and have since been referred to the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality where they are held currently. We at Water& endorse the policy that these bills call for and strive to secure the successful passage of this groundwater package.


OUR COMMITMENT TO WATER EQUITY is a founding pillar of Water& and is found in this bill package. In the verbiage of SB 676, lawmakers have recognized that there are hazardous substances in groundwater that threaten human safety and wellbeing. Therefore, we are pleased that lawmakers are recognizing the necessity of access to clean water for their constituents.

OUR COMMITMENT TO HOLDING POLLUTERS ACCOUNTABLE is prevalent in both bills. SB 676 states that within three years of the finding of the hazardous substance violation, civil fines will be assessed. SB 677 establishes the statute of limitations for the judicial proceedings that would come as a result of assessing civil fines. This means that Water will have its day in court and corporations will have financial repercussions for their actions that have gone long unchecked.

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