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  • Kevin Duffy

Water& Endorses Michigan House Bills 5890, 5891, & 5892

MICHIGAN HOUSE BILLS 5890, 5891, and 5892 seek to improve the process for communities to apply for and receive funding that will improve their Water infrastructure. Amendments are made to improve both the Natural Resource and Environmental Protection Act, and the Shared Credit Rating Act. The bills were introduced by Representative Beth Griffin (R), Representative David Martin (R), and Representative Sara Cambensy (D) on March 10, 2022. The three bills were approved by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on June 29, 2022. We at Water& endorse the changes that these bills call for and strive to help secure the successful implementation of this Water-centered package.


COMMITMENT TO WATER EQUITY is a founding pillar of Water& and this bill package. Michigan lawmakers recognized that there were existing barriers within legislation that prevented certain disadvantaged communities from getting necessary Water infrastructure aid. This bill prioritizes human safety and wellbeing by focussing on simplifying the process for communities to effectively receive state funding for issues involving Water infrastructure. We are pleased that state lawmakers are recognizing the necessity of clean Water equity.

COMMITMENT TO PROVIDING CLEAN WATER is vital to these bills and to Water&. House Bills 5890, 5891, and 5892 streamline the process for obtaining better Water infrastructure, and that means better Water for the people of Michigan. Through this legislation, more people will be able to access clean Water throughout the state. The commitments made within this bill toward ensuring the availability of clean Water are seen as vital steps by everyone at Water&.

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