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Water& Endorses Michigan Senate Bill 565 - The Building Michigan Together Plan

MICHIGAN Senate Bill 565 seeks to invest nearly $5 billion in Michigan’s infrastructure, economy, job sector, and families throughout every region of the state. SB 565 gives almost $2 billion to address critical Water infrastructure needs throughout the state, including drinking Water improvements, septic system repairs, and lead service line replacement. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Jon Bumstead (R) from MI District 34 and was introduced to the Senate on June 24, 2021. After passing through the Michigan Senate and the Michigan House, SB 565 was signed into law by Gov. Whitmer on March 30, 2022. We at Water& endorse the change that this bill calls for and we advocate for the successful implementation of this plan.

COMMITMENT TO WATER EQUITY is a founding pillar of Water& and this bill. Within SB 565, government officials prioritize communities that are in need of better Water infrastructure and Water access. The Building Michigan Together Plan gives $43 million to small and disadvantaged communities that have critical Water infrastructure needs. The bill specifically names certain communities, like Benton Harbor, that are in great need of lead service line replacement. We are pleased that lawmakers are recognizing the necessity of access to safe Water for all of their constituents.

COMMITMENT TO PROVIDING CLEAN WATER is vital to SB 565 and Water&. The Building Michigan Together Plan establishes new initiatives to address stormwater and wastewater issues and provides new funding for community assistance when dealing with contaminants. The commitments made within this bill toward ensuring the availability of clean Water are seen as vital steps by everyone at Water&.

Learn more about Michigan SB 565:

2. Michigan Senate Bill 565 Press Release:


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