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  • Kevin Duffy

Water& Endorses Senate Bill 914 - Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021

SENATE BILL 914 seeks to reauthorize and establish numerous different programs for Water infrastructure. Programs included in this bill aim to provide safe drinking Water and treat sewer overflows, stormwater, and other wastewater issues. The clean Water state revolving fund and the drinking Water state revolving fund are both reauthorized and revised by S. 914. The bill was introduced by Sen. Tammy Duckworth (IL-D) on March 23, 2021, and has since passed the Senate and was sent to the House. We at Water& endorse the policies that this bill calls for and we strive to secure the successful passage of this Water-centered infrastructure act.


COMMITMENT TO WATER EQUITY is a founding pillar of Water& and this bill. Throughout S. 914, lawmakers recognized that there are certain communities that have disproportionately suffered from unsafe Water and this bill specifically outlines steps that will be taken to support these communities. This bill prioritizes human safety and wellbeing by focusing on projects like lead service line replacement and cybersecurity support for public Water systems. We are pleased that lawmakers are recognizing the necessity of access to clean Water for all of their constituents.

COMMITMENT TO UNIVERSAL TRANSPARENCY IN WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is vital to S. 914 and Water&. S. 914 gives the EPA Administrator new duties to better manage the Water infrastructure crisis in America, but mandates that a compliance evaluation be submitted to Congress that analyzes community Water systems and wastewater systems with environmental, health, and safety requirements included. Compliance reports for recipients of funding provided by S. 194 will be submitted to multiple Senate and House committees. The bill establishes funding for numerous research programs focused on Water infrastructure, including in areas that lack any previous analysis.

This bill endorsement was published jointly with Water&'s original art piece, 'Duckworth', which was inspired by this bill. Take a look at the sculpture at our art gallery:


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