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We explore and research topics ranging from environmental justice, advancements in water policy, and areas that need improvement in the world. Read more about this on our Education tab.


We utilize art to make information that is otherwise unattainable, digestible. We share perspectives on Water through artistic mediums to describe our intrinsic connection to Water.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs emphasize the importance of sustainable progress. We see that Water is essential in these goals. Read more about this on our Education tab.

Groundwater Advocacy

We are partnering with the Michigan based organization, For Love of Water to spread awareness around groundwater. Groundwater is the theme of World Water Day on March 22nd, and together with FLOW, we aim to "make the invisible visible".

PFAS Advocacy

PFAs are forever chemicals that are found in Water, food, and air that causes harm to Water and in turn, our bodies. PFAs currently are a focus nationally and we aim to mitigate and regulate these toxic chemicals through our advocacy efforts.

Community Building

We aim to build community through Water by recognizing that Water is our most powerful commonality in humanity.  Water acts as our common denominator and through this recognition, we can protect Water and all of her wonders.


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