Meet the Team

Executive Director

Bebe Schaefer (She/Her)

Here at Water& I am leading our strategy and vision as Executive Director, propelling our ideas into reality & ensuring that our team is successful every step of the way. I am passionate about leaving the world better than I found it. Water is our common denominator & I hope to unite humanity through our connection to Water.

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Director of Artistic Design

Aubree Frost (She/Her)

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I produce & curate art that celebrates the beauty of Water. At Water&, I aim to aid in the collection of community through the artistic appreciation of her beauty. I am currently studying international relations as well as education at American University in Washington, DC. 

Director of Partnerships & Business Operations

Vincent Ontita (He/Him)

Conservationist by heart. I am inspired by the beauty of my homeland, Africa, & the challenges that face wild landscapes throughout the world. I believe that addressing complex global issues that affect communities & governments, such as environmental & social justice, is vital to ensuring a healthy and peaceful coexistence. I believe in the power of UBUNTU - I am, because we are. This philosophy guides my work. 


Website & Social Media Marketing Intern

Julissa Coplin (She/Her)

I ensure that Water&'s projects and endeavors are featured on our various digital platforms, as well as create original educational content about various Water crises throughout the world. I am passionate about social justice, and Water& allows me to combine my interest in marketing & my enthusiasm for environmental advocacy & human rights. I aim to spread awareness of why we should all be advocates for Water protection & Water equity.


Director of Communications

Rachel Roberts (She/Her)


At Water&, I am the Director of Communications, where I aim to foster community through managing our partnerships & creating our brand. Through developing our marketing materials and managing our campaign strategies, creative content, & communications efforts, I hope to spread awareness for Water equity & the betterment of humanity.

Director of Research & Written Expression

Kaylin Lemajeur (She/Her)

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At Water& I combine my love for writing with my interest in research. I have a Bachelor's degree from Cornell University & I am pursuing an MFA in prose and poetry at Northwestern University. Currently, I am working with a federally recognized tribe in Southeast Alaska on climate change adaptation & resource management.

Project Management & HR Lead

Devon McGinley (She/Her)

At Water& I work as a project manager & HR Lead to help us reach our goals & amplify the Water justice movement. I currently study Business Administration & Sustainability at American University.


Advocacy Intern

Kevin Duffy (He/Him)

At Water& I research legislation at the State and Federal levels that specifically deal with issues involving Water. I then choose bills for Water& to endorse and include on our website. I am currently studying environmental sustainability and political science at the University of Illinois. I am drawn to Water& because I want to help show how connected we all are through Water.

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Multimedia & Post Production Intern

Shan Dora Huang (She/Her)


At Water&, I transfer our vision into sound & videos through editing. I love working with media of different types for photo editing, compositing, animation, & video editing. I hope to portray the commonality of humanity & visualize our connection with water in my art.

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