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Water & Womxn

Womxn are creative beings, they are life-givers and healers. Water heals the human body each day and is the foundation that the creation of life is dependent upon. Womxn & Water share this gift of creation, which is why Water& regards Water as inherently feminine. Water carves out landscapes, sculpting our world with its touch like a mother shaping the life of her child. Water travels vast distances, like a womxn crossing town to carry Water back to her community. Water is powerful, with its impressive tides loudly crashing on the shore, much like the voices of womxn found across the world that inspire generations and enact global change. Water& invites womxn to connect with their fellow creator, Water. 

Why "X"?

Womxn spelled with an 'x' honors the spectrum of femininity within humans. Replacing the 'e' with an 'x' is queer and trans-inclusive. Furthermore, it recognizes that being a womxn is not defined by reproductive anatomy, rather by one's identification. Spelling womxn with an 'x' also aims to bring all people of all genders into the discussion of Water. It is the responsibility of all humans to advocate for our common source of life, not just those who identify as strictly binary females. 
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