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Water & You

Water & You is the overarching storytelling branch of Water& that seeks to amplify our unique connections to Water.
Continue below to read about our developing & upcoming Water & You projects.

Water& Professionals

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Water & Professionals centers the voices of those who specialize in fields focused on Water.


Kaylin Lemajeur, Director of Research and Written Expression, sat down with Jesse Endert, an environmental specialist who works with South Alaskan Tribes to discuss Water quality. Click below to watch the interview!

Water& Creatives

She is Water.png

Water & Creatives showcases different types of artwork that centers Water, Water equity, and Water's beauty. Our original art gallery is featured on our Art tab.


She is Water , a poem by Kaylin Lemajeur, expresses that Water should be respected and protected as a nurturer of life, rather than as a commodity to be bought and sold. Click below to watch the video!

Water& Origins

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Water& Origins is Water&'s platform for emphasizing the nature of Water as a necessity that maintains all life on Earth.

In our debut Water & Origins video Chidi Francis Onwuka shares his personal connections to Water by reflecting on his life journey and cultural connections to Water. 

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