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Wild Nature

What is our definition of Water equity?


Equal Water Access

Everyone can access clean, safe, and reliable sources of Water and sanitation services, regardless of socioeconomic standing.


Water Justice

Water equity ensures justice for all communities by amplifying the voices of disproportionately impacted/historically marginalized groups who have lacked access to clean Water in the past. 


Climate Adaptation & Resilience

Communities have the capacity and resources to withstand drought, flooding, and other Water-related disasters.

Policy Reform

Policy Reform is central to Water&'s mission. We aim to thoroughly analyze policy, and its environmental, social, and economic impacts to advocate for policies that best serves communities and Water.


Art is a powerful medium of communication at Water&. We share perspectives on Water through artistic and creative methods to describe our intrinsic connection to Water.

Community Building

We aim to build community through Water by recognizing that Water is our most powerful commonality. Water acts as our common denominator and through this recognition, we can protect Water and all of her wonders.

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