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PFAS Sculpture

PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are long-lasting and harmful chemicals found in many drinking Water supplies. They are often found in furniture, cookware, plastic packaging, and other heat, oil, and water resistant materials. Research shows that PFAS exposure is linked to developmental issues, fertility issues, and a weakened immune system.
We are pleased to present Water&'s very own original sculpture depicting toxic chemicals in our drinking Water. It was sculpted by our Artistic Director, Aubree Frost.

Artist's Statement

"This sculpture was constructed with clay and wire. It mimics the dynamic scene of Water flowing from a cup and falling on a table. The medium is solid, rigid, and strong which juxtaposes flowing Water that it replicates, bringing the audience to take a deeper look into this contrast to see an evermoving structure. The wire detailing at first glance is a delicate shimmer, but at a closer look, the audience can see metal interpretations of the PFA chemical compound. The compounds are subtle in the piece, as they are in our drinking Water. The cup was chosen to show the most common human connection to Water, drinking Water, and how even in its simplest form it is infected with chemicals that harm Water's very existence. A downfall in Water advocacy is when people believe themselves to be separate from the cause; this artwork is to remind people how close Water safety is to their own safety."

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